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Active Protection. Instant Awareness. Smarter Security.

    ProTec Security

Medical Alert

Medical alert system with no installation cost; only $30 per month

Fire Alarm Systems

A monitored fire system provides early detection and notification to the authorities

Surge Protection

Residential surge protection stops surges at the meter before it enters your home

Security Systems

Security systems to fit any budget, customized to fit any home

Appliance Protection

Eliminate cost and stress with our 24hr Appliance, Heating & Air repair coverage

Security Systems

Commercial monitored security systems customized for any location

Access Control

Secure your facility and know when and who opened or closed with mobile notifications

Fire Alarm Systems

UL Monitored fire systems, annual inspections and repair for your business

Security Cameras

Hardwire or wireless cameras with mobile apps

Security for Your Family, Health, Memories & Moments

Protect the good times and prevent bad ones from happening with wireless home security that’s more than a few monitors and a keypad. ProTec’s local 24-hour on-watch security team stays on guard to keep the people, pets and cherished mementos of your home out of harm’s way.


Home & Commercial Security

  • Nothing can prepare you for the worst. ProTec’s monitored security systems can help you prevent it from ever happening.
  • Keep criminals at bay

Medical Alert

  • We’re ready to respond 24/7 to elderly family members or others who are long-term or temporarily disabled. It’s super easy to use & doesn’t require a contract.
  • Keep them happy & healthy

ProTec Services

  • We offer coverage on your appliances, heating & air systems and Meter Based Surge Protection. Cost effective proven results.
  • Insure yourself against mishaps

Local Monitoring, 24/7 Service Response

Located in upstate South Carolina, you can count on ProTec’s monitoring center and dispatched service technicians to provide the quality response you expect.

We’ll recognize and respond immediately to:

  • Unauthorized entry
  • In-home motion
  • Rising and falling temperatures
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Fire detection

ProTec home security systems start at just $99

We’ll include a control keypad, three door sensors, and an in-home motion detector: all the essentials you need to stay safe.

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Protect & Stay Connected with Everything that Matters the Most

From wherever you are, check in on your pets, loved ones, and precious memento-based memories via ProTec’s user-friendly smartphone app.

Rest easy knowing you’ll never come home to any suprises.